Empowering educators to teach
the arts in a fun and engaging way!

Teacher Education

All teacher workshops are completely customizable for all areas of the arts and to best meet teacher needs.
Workshops are for elementary or secondary teachers, with and without experience teaching the Ontario arts curriculum.
Teachers of all subject areas are welcome and encouraged.

Workshop Content Includes (but not limited to)

• The creative process and how to assess it (FOR, AS and OF learning)
• The elements, components and vocabulary of dance and the arts
• Integrating the arts
• Cross-curricular planning and collaborating
• Integrating stimuli and themes: social justice, character development, literary works
• Cultural context and how to address it
• Collaborative inquiry and 21st Century Learning through dance and the arts
• Dance and music styles and suggestions (video and song links included)
• How to best use The Ultimate Dance Education Kit

Additional Information

Workshops combine theoretical and practical learning and are tailored to the needs and level of those in attendance, or per the organizer’s request.

Maximum # of participants: 30 (flexible)
Time: full day (6 hr) half day (3 hr) or after school (1.5 hr) options available
Technical requirements: projector, screen and speakers
Other requirements: Open space for movement, desks and chairs for teachers, table for presenter