Elements of Visual Arts Posters


8 colour posters that illustrate and define the elements and principles of visual arts: Colour, Value, Line, Shape, Form, Space, Texture and Principles

Imagery and graphics offer a visually appealing and easily comprehensible format for both students and educators.

From the youngest learners to English or French Language Learners, diverse students will easily acquire the fundamental language of art and design while enhancing their visualization and planning skills, their ability to effectively create artwork and their capacity to critically reflect on and discuss the various aspects and contexts of art.

Whether you are a seasoned visual arts educator, brand new to teaching art, or want to add more artistic endeavours to your classroom, these posters are an invaluable teaching tool for you and your students.

*Note: Although the elements may vary by region, posters are designed to be universal.
*Note: Version with US spelling available.

Posters are available in two sizes: 32.4 cm x 43.2 cm (12.75” x 17”) and 45.7 cm x 61 cm (18” x 24”).
Posters are available in 2 languages: English and French (and English with US spelling)
Posters (will) pair well with the Elements of Visual Arts Flashcards.

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Elements of Visual Arts Posters(12.75" x 17"), Elements of Visual Arts Posters (18" x 24"), Elements of Visual Arts Posters US Spelling (12.75" x 17"), Elements of Visual Arts Posters US Spelling (18" x 24")