A highly interactive and fun way for students to drum
up school spirit as they learn and create!
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In-School Workshops

We have worked with hundreds of Ontario schools!
All workshops celebrate diversity, equity and social education.
Workshops are based on the Ontario arts curriculum and are modified for grades K-8.

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What People are Saying:

“This is one of the two presentations in 12 years that I believe was actually enjoyable and educational. I would recommend it highly. Interactive and Fun!” (Black History)
Anthony Galioto – Grade 2 Teacher, Worthington PS, PDSB

“They absolutely loved you guys! I have sent information and photos about your company in to the board website to share and advertise your workshop!” (Black History)
Catherine Donovan VP, St. Justin Martyr CS, YCDSB

“The students loved the experience. It was very interactive and engaging and they loved having their own drums to play. There were lots of curriculum expectations met as well as personal connections made with the instruments, music and dances from other cultures. The presenters kept things moving at a good pace and fun was definitely had by all. We all really enjoyed it!” (Asian Heritage)
Various teachers, Ridgeway PS, PDSB

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Choose from the themes below
we are happy to work with you and your class on any of your arts curriculum expectations

Bullying Prevention and Inclusion through the Arts

Awesome for back-to-school, bullying awareness week or anytime!

Students will drum using a variety of world drums, discover world instruments, traditions and celebrations, dance cultural dances and move creatively as they explore diversity, bullying and how to create an inclusive environment at school. They will also engage in drama strategies, which promote critical thinking around bullying and allow them to step into another’s shoes. This workshop offers students a chance to take risks and find creative solutions to the issues they face in everyday life, while having FUN, EXPRESSING themselves and CREATING works of ART!

Dance and Music around the World

Great social studies links!

Students will learn the background of world dances and music, and the social and cultural impact they had on society. DANCES INCLUDE: African Folk and Tribal vs Hip Hop, Indian Classical and Folk vs Bollywood, Ballroom, Square, Line, Aboriginal Pow Wow and Grass, Ukrainian Cossack, Greek Sirtaki, Mexican Hat, Chinese Dragon, Egyptian Belly, Japanese Sumo and Geisha and more. A plethora of WORLD INSTRUMENTS will be explored and played also.
*Teachers may customize their workshop by choosing the dances on which they would like us to focus, or leave it to us to select a variety of dances based on the grade level, curriculum, student feedback during the workshop and available time.

Black History through the Arts

Sold out every year!

Students will be taken on a journey through time to examine African history and how its culture and music have affected our world today. They will play African drums, explore instruments and artefacts from ancient to present times, learn traditional African folk dances and use the elements of dance and music. They will learn about black heroes of then and now (Canadian content included) and reenact some of the most poignant stories throughout black history. A fun and positive way to learn about difficult times!

Asian Heritage through the Arts

Most popular in May

Students will explore the rich culture, music, dance and history of South and East Asia. A variety of instruments will be demonstrated and played like the sitar, tabla, harmonium, chinese/japanese drums, cymbals, gongs, talking bowl etc., while students also drum on their own drum. Creative movement is a big part of this workshop as Indian classical, folk and Bollywood dance is explored, as well as the the Sumo and Geisha dances and of course the Chinese Dragon Dance as students have their own Chinese New Year celebration!!

Drum, Dance and Discover

Made specially for the Kindies! (and/or primary)

Students will be engaged from beginning to end in activities which satisfy curriculum expectations in music, dance and drama. They will drum in a world drum circle, march in a world music parade, discover world instruments and traditions and express moods and themes through music, drama and dance. Activities for teachers to make their own musical instruments with students will be left behind. ADD a twist of ANTI-BULLYING, SOUTH ASIAN HERITAGE or BLACK HISTORY if you like!

Below are general guidelines for the above workshops
we are happy to customize and remain flexible to accommodate school and teacher needs

Workshop Details


All workshops are presented in drum circle style and include movement, music and drama activities. We bring drums for each student and all props, instruments, costumes and artifacts needed.


All workshops are presented to 2 classes at a time (or up to 60 students) in your gym, library or activity room. We generally accommodate 5 workshops or up to 300 students in a day.


We recommend 60 minutes, though 40 is sufficient for primary or if that is what your schedule or budget allows. We are always happy to work longer as well!


Workshops generally range from $2-$4 per student. A minimum fee may apply. No deposit, no cancellation fee. A modest mileage fee may apply outside of the GTA.


If you would like to assess during the workshop we are happy to provide assessment tools ahead of time upon request.


All we need from your school is the use of the gym or open space for the day and a schedule, which we are happy help create.


Teachers don’t need to do a thing! We also leave them with follow-up activities, lessons and assessment tools for the arts!


All workshops are completely customizable. Let us know if you prefer to focus more on any particular art strand or topic.