We don’t just teach creatvity,
we think outside the box too!

Why We Exist

We believe in the profound and positive effects of artistic experiences.

In these times of less and less human interaction, arts-based experiences become increasingly
important for our well-being. We are committed to keeping creative learning a part of
everyone’s education so we may foster healthy, happy and mindful citizens.

– Kim Erin Spratt

About the Company

InspirEd Arts Resources is an Ontario-based company, founded on a passion for education through the arts and an identified need for high-quality arts resources.

As firm believers in the many benefits of artistic learning, InspirEd Arts strives to be a leader in providing easy-to-use, adaptable resources that allow for effective, engaging and integrated learning experiences.

InspirEd Arts released its flagship product, The Elements of Dance Teaching Kit in 2011. The company then went on to create a first-of-its-kind dance education program and curriculum for a private education company in India (GAIT), which launched in 2013 and is currently being taught in private schools across the country.

The first edition of The Ultimate Dance Education Kit was released in 2014, which combined the Elements of Dance Flashcards and Posters with a powerful new program of over 130 cross-curricular and integrated arts dance lesson plans, assessment tools and much more.

The Elements of Dance Posters and Flashcards were then translated into French, the “Music for Inspiration in Motion” CD was created, and several other upgrades and additions comprised the second edition of The Ultimate Dance Education Kit released in 2016.

Inspired Arts’ resources are currently being used in school boards and by teachers across Canada, The United States, Australia, India, England, China and the Philippines.

Currently, InspirEd Arts Resources is focussing on developing new resources for all art strands (dance, drama, music, visual arts. media arts), with a focus on integrated arts and arts integration. Ongoing communication with school boards, teachers and curriculum leaders allows InspirEd Arts Resources to remain a leader in providing arts-based educational resources.