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Our Vision

To keep creative experiences a part of
everyone’s life and learning journey.

Our Mission

We provide educators with innovative,
accessible resources for teaching the Arts.
Our mission is to empower teachers to
create classroom environments that
effectively encourage imagination and
creative work.
We strive to support the learner by offering
engaging opportunities and ways to explore
their own creative process, to improve their
artistic skills and knowledge and to connect
with their community and world in deep and
meaningful ways.

Our Values

We believe that the benefits of artistic
explorations are profound and inexhaustible.
We believe that creative expression can give
us invaluable insight into our students needs
and into one another.
We believe that creative and innovative
thinking is an essential skill to build
upon in our modern world.
We believe that the Arts are an essential
part of a holistic education and of
overall wellbeing.

Art is literacy of the heart.

– Elliot Eisner